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Hi everyone! Its been a long time since development of Kerbal Space Program began. 5 years ago Felipe started work on a 2.5D game that would eventually grow to the game that we all know and love

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Get old versions of KSP So, Steam updated my KSP, and I have a backup of 0.25, so, I'm safe there, but, I've been curious to try other earlier versions of kerbal, is there any way I can get those? 2 comments Edit: There was a forum thread that provided links to download versions up to 0.13.3, for Windows (starting with 0.7.3) and Macintosh (0.10.0), with the apparent support of forum moderators. However, not far in to the thread there is some discussion about the file sharing site and viruses, so use your best judgement. Here's the version history since 0.7.3 so you can see what was changed and added :). I think that given the extensive modding of this game and the imminent update that will break (nearly) every mod, anyone who has purchased the game should be able to download every past release of KSP. Classic versions exist of every part that has ever been changed in Kerbal Space Program's history between 0.16 and 1.8.1! Spaceplane parts are unfortunately the exception, and most parts lack classic versions, simply because there is almost no documentation on which parts changed and when. When I can find the documentation, I will add classic versions. With this update, Old Parts Redux achieves the majority of it's original goal to allow you to use classic parts in modern KSP! Non-profit organization serving the online community by providing old versions of various programs. In this video I will show you how to enable the beta program in steam which will let you then roll back to a previous released version of your favorate steam game. very helpful if a game update

Deutsch (de) English (en) español (es) français (fr) Bahasa Indonesia (id) português (pt) slovenčina (sk) 中文(中国大陆)‎ (zh_CN) 中文(台灣)‎ (zh_TW) 𝑛-Body and Extended Body Gravitation for Kerbal Space Program - mockingbirdnest/Principia The Original Weapons Mod by BahamutoD, continued! There are now 3 versions the original Honest John, the Improved Honest John, and a fictional longer range(100KM is the max distance ATM) GPS guided version of the original. A reduced version of the Inline Fairings, with just the essentials, for a streamlined experience. A small parts pack aiming to give players a chance to play with some spaceX inspired vehicles. This banner text can have markup.

Adds several balloons and extras to KSP For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin . Large trusses, new docking ports, multi-adapters and radial attach points for spacecraft construction Procedural Fairings mod for Kerbal Space Program. Contribute to e-dog/ProceduralFairings development by creating an account on GitHub. BrickMod - MOD adds LEGO style parts to KSP . Contribute to VigilanteInc/BrickMod development by creating an account on GitHub.

Sedaya noch (KSP remix Hard Electro versione). Седая ночь (Ksp Remix Hard Electro Versione). Rude Mantras (Грубые мантры)

Retrieved from "https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:Jedudedek/old_gallery_VI&oldid=360164923" ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Spaceflight Simulator. Download Spaceflight Simulator and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. I think this is a good time to a new Article about how I plan to keep TweakScale working for everybody. But, this time, by not doing something! About Third Party AddOns Support. Well TweakScale (the Module) is pretty cooperative, but its also dumb as a door by itself. It needs help in order to Each DepotID will have a completely different ManifestID for the same version number. So if you are not looking to download KSP version 1.3.1. specifically for Win64, do not use the values I presented. If, for example, you wanted to download Kerbal Space Program for the PC (32-bit) for version 1.3.1 the command line would look like this: Where do I get old versions of ksp? As in paid versions Im pretty sure 13.3 and further. ( If it matters I got it on steam )

Fix Steam Workshop Craft will not download if deleted when subscribed to then resubscribed to when in the VAB. Fixed a bug where EVA facial animations were corrupted when the kerbal was mid-air and a quicksave was loaded. Fix settings showing for expansion when expansion not installed. Fix log message text for gathering subscribed Steam Workshop craft files. Handle steam item lists with correct Steam Workshop status in craft browser. Save craft file before exporting to steam to persist Steam

7 May 2014 Taken a while to get this done. Done. 2018 Fun fact: I made this video because I forgot to press Record on my Audio. • Subscribe: 

I have KSP 0.23 but unfortunately also have 100Kbs download speed at the moment; for this reason, I cannot update to 0.23.5. I'm trying to install RasterPropMonitor 0.23.5 in my game (KSP 0.23) but screens don't show up. Is there someway I can access older versions? And modders of KSP, why don't you keep older versions posted?